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Welcome to the Capita One Professional Portal

POST 16 REVIEW FORM CURRENT ISSUE - this form is available for data input and submission of your review. At present the output template associated with this form is not producing the parent views text in full if the parent views are lengthy. We are working to correct this problem as soon as possible.

This portal is used to submit Annual and Interim Reviews of Education Health and Care Plans to the SEND 0-25 team at Devon County Council .

The first time you use The Capita One Professional Portal you will need to register using a work based e-mail address. All schools are recommended to use a generic team e-mail account to register as a portal user. Information entered on the portal is not shared across portal accounts and will therefore not be available to any other user at the school if an individual personal log in is created. The use of private e-mail accounts to register for an account is not permitted.

Please click on "Register" above to register for an account. A registration e-mail will be sent to the e-mail address that you use to register. This e-mail will contain a link, which you will need to click onto to complete the registration process. Registration e-mails only remain valid for up to 12 hours. Therefore you should complete both the registration and verification process within this timescale.

Occasionally e-mails sent from automated systems are filtered out by e-mail SPAM filters. If you do not receive your verification e-mail within 1 hour of having registered to use the portal, please check the Junk or SPAM e-mail box for your e-mail account.

Important Information for ICT Network or System Managers

Please enter the web address for the Capita One Professional Portal into the Bypass for your internet filtering and proxy server as we have found that this is required in some schools to avoid SSL Interception, causing portal users to be logged out each time they move to a new portal page.

If you have already completed the Professional Portal registration and account verification process, please log in using your verified log in details and password.

2 Factor Authentication Codes Once you have entered your user name and password successfully, the system will send you an authentication code by e-mail. This code needs to be used immediately to complete the portal log in process.


Portal Guidance Documentation can be accessed via the following link Professional Portal Guidance Documentation. It is suggested that you click on the Save and Continue button at the foot of each page every 30 mins if you have not completed work on your current page. You may use the Template documents found at Professional Portal Data Guidance as data collection templates prior to entering data on the portal. This has several advantages:

  • The data type (lookup field, memo field etc.) is shown in the data guidance document along with the number of characters the field can contain.
  • When you are constructing text to go into a memo field, you can use the character count in Word to ensure your text will fit into the field on the portal before you start typing.
  • You can copy and paste from your Word document into the memo fields on the portal so that you don’t need to retype the information.